About Me

This is the personal website and blog of Wade Lanning.

As an engineer, I love bulleted lists. So here is my entire life in a bulleted list.

  • Early life: 18 years bouncing around Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho.
  • B.S. @ Boise State: 4 years studying Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering, and world history.
  • M.S. @ Penn State: 2.5 years spent on a PhD in MSE that wound up being just a MS while I kayaked, biked, went to football games, and adjusted to life away from the mountain states.
  • Ph.D. @ Georgia Tech: 6.5 years working on another round of grad school while learning how to mentor others, live in a diverse city, and following my passion for science and safety engineering.
  • Real life: I’ve worked in labs, as a product development and failure analysis consultant, and as a forensic investigator and safety expert. In my spare time I work in my garden and explore the Pacific Northwest.

The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.

Frank Herbert